Renderings of Bioactive Peptides

Soybean Glycinin

Soybeans are rich in bioactive peptides which exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune modulating properties. This is a depiction of glycinin and the two trimers stacking face-to-face. (2021)

Renderings for Agricultural Clients

Protease inhibitors, enzyme activity, soybeans, amino acids, proteins, soybean cyst nematode (SCN)

Various illustrations and figures to educate the nation on topics related to research in agriculture. (Ongoing, 2020-present)

Human Disease Course, Sci-Art Project

Blood Cells 

During my time as an instructor for Human Disease at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, my students and I embarked on an interdisciplinary journey to learn about blood cells through science and art. Each group researched their assigned cell and created an artwork to complete an educational card and poster on blood cells. Over forty students participated in this fantastic project! (2019)

St. Louis Science Center SciFest

Bacteria Exhibit

Designed and presented an exhibit for SciFest informing all age groups about bacteria in, on, and around the body. In this all-day exhibit, participants learned about helpful and harmful bacteria, identified them according to morphology type, and made bacteria art to take home. (2018)

SciFest is a series of free, all-day, weekend expos designed to connect families and visitors of all ages with experts and professionals in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math.

Honors Program Project

The Animal Cell

Collaborative work with honor’s student, Jacob Orson, on researching the cell and creating an educational postcard set pertaining to the Animal Cell. The Animal Cell (Watercolor & Collage, 2017)

The Honors Program at the Community College of Rhode Island is a program in which students can enhance their educational experience while at CCRI by studying topics of their choosing in more depth. Students participate in the Honors Program by completing additional Honors Projects within courses they are currently taking, relating to the curricula of those courses.